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At first I was really optimistic about Xiaomi, but after using some of it's products for more than a year, all what is left is disappointment.

I decided to write it all down, because what I see in their products contradicts to their positioning on market (relatively cheap and good devices with excellent services). Plus some of my friends asked my opinion whether to buy or not to buy.

I'll list problems which irritated me the most. They can be split up into two groups: software and hardware.

1. Hardware problems

1.1 Weak pins connecting camera with battery.

These pins are so weak, that after replacing a battery couple of times, they got moved a bit, so they no longer connect to pins on battery. This means that camera can't be turned on.

I had to extend these pins with some scrap metal to get this thing working. Thanks to iFixIt

I don't know how is it possible to make such unreliable pins.

1.2 Mi Band doesn't charge after discharging to 0

One time I left my Mi Band without charging, so it's charge dropped to zero. I had plugged it into a power socket, but it haven't started charging and LED indicator wasn't shining. I've decided, that may be it needs some time, for initial charging, but after a few hours nothing changed.

I searched around the web and the only solution I've found was to put device to the fridge for a couple of hours.

Unexpectedly, after fridge Mi Band is charging and working. So it's unpleasant, but solved problem.

2. MIUI problems

2.1 Constantly appearing loading indicator on MIUI main screen.

This problem happens on all devices I've used: Mi Pad (I use it daily), Mi3 (my test device in office), Redmi Note 3 (my mom's), Mi 4C (my girlfriends).

This happens very frequently when returning from some app to main screen on Mi Pad and Mi 4C and almost every time on Mi3 and Redmi 3.

This happens on different versions of Android (4.4, 6) and MIUI (7, 8).

Seems like very aggressive mode of stopping background applications (I often notice restart of recently opened activity when returning to it).

2.2 Battery saving mode which doesn't help and only creates bad user experience.

Unofficial (compared to Doze mode) battery saving mode in MIUI, doesn't really help, but prevents any notifications. Even it's whitelist doesn't help.

This is even happens in foreground, when some app is open, notifications from other apps are not received. But may be this is related to 2.1.

This also makes life harder for app developers (because MIUI developers do not really care about apps), when dealing with push notifications and account manager.

3. Poor quality of Xiaomi apps

3.1 Yi Action Camera app

This app makes it's best effort to prevent me from making photos.

3.1.1 "Nice" splash screen

Previous version, asked user to sign-in into Facebook, everytime app was opened:

In later versions it was replaced with this glorious screen:

This time, screen closes automatically, after some short timeout.

3.1.2 I don't need photofeed, I want to take photos!

Before starting making photos, there is feed with irrelevant feed with photos of unknown people and I have to make another click.

3.1.3 Redundant background services

On top of social functions which I do not need, I get a nice pair of background services which power these functions:

(Notification is present all the time).

Thankfully service (with its notification) can be disabled in app settings.

But why camera app needs "EMChatService", which is restarts everytime after stopping?

3.2 Mi Fit app horrible UI

Again, this was in previous version, where some functions of the app couldn't be used on smaller than average screen:

Another problem was that, because of this, on Sony Xperia M it was impossible to enable Smart lock for Mi Band (I do not see this option in menu now).

3.3 New version of Mi Fit app removed smart alarm

With new updated design of an app, smart alarm feature was removed from app. Soon, after that Xiaomi released smart alarm device.

What a coincidence!

There is a ton of complaints about this and other issues in Google.Play (rating 3.3).


Xiaomi devices are cheaper, but they are not worth of saved money, sometimes because of hardware problems, but most of the time it is software that sucks.

And software nowadays plays BIGGER role, then CPU/RAM/screen etc. of the device.


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