Not so long ago, on 28th of November, Yandex organized Mobile Camp, where I made a presentation about reactive UI on Android with RxJava (unfortunately, only in Russian language).

Most of it was inspired by my current work on Realty application and also my articles about UI and about combining UI + background operations.

Video and presentation can be found here. And complete source code for demo application can be found on GitHub.

This presentation contains some changes, compared to mentioned articles:

First of all, this app uses RxBinding, instead of obsolete WidgetObservable.

Next, it contains switchMap operator usecase, which is a awesome! It's very useful when you flatMap some frequently emitting source to some long running observable and want to use only latest mapped value and drop all others.

In sample each new value of filters from UI is transformed to network request of available items for this filter.

Also, you might be interested in other presentations from Mobile Camp:

RxJava usage by Artem Zinnatulin and Android Reactive MVP by Nikita Barishok.


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